Manage the Shift in DOT Recordkeeping

Manage the Shift in DOT Recordkeeping

Did you know that offsite audits have increased 400% over the last two years?

And did you also know that most audit violations could be avoided if carriers simply kept better records?

Don’t let sloppy recordkeeping ruin your business! Learn how to create a digital recordkeeping system that’ll satisfy the Feds and ensure you’re always audit-ready. Our new ebook will tell you what you need to know.

What we’ll cover:

  • How the FMCSA has updated its audit process
  • How an offsite audit differs from an onsite audit
  • Consequences of sloppy recordkeeping (starting with hefty fines)
  • The problem with paper files—and paper files you scan into a computer
  • Recordkeeping basics for driver qualification files, DOT drug and alcohol testing, and the Clearinghouse
  • The many advantages to going digital (you’ll always be audit-ready!)
  • How Foley’s compliant digital solution makes DOT recordkeeping a breeze

By Foley

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