Seeing The Future With Young Eyes


The year 2022 is here at last.  Many of us wonder what is in store for us this year.  We all know some of it will be good and some ominous, but we should not waste our time thinking about it – instead, we should be attentive to our little ones.  They are precious and look up to us for guidance.  Think back to when you were young and hearing your parents discuss things.  Many of our parent’s words are still in our heads.  So, reverse that scenario – we are now the elders and what we say may stay with them the rest of their lives.  Out of curiosity, I asked my 9-year-old grandson Will what he would like to see happen this year.  He did not even hesitate, and what he said amazed me.  First off, he wanted Covid to go away.  I thought everyone wanted that, but how does it affect him?  He wanted people to be more friendly to one another.  Adults can sense uneasiness in others, but now it has spread to children.  Was his world on edge, too?  I guess so.  Just like adults, if children are forced to deal with a disease for so long without any solutions, pretty soon nobody is themselves.  Even children can face situations when their parents can tell them the whole picture.  But nobody knows the outcome of Covid – not even the doctors.  My grandson, Will, wants to be able to play outdoors with all his friends.  Some of his friends are home-schooled and are not allowed to see other children, except for on a Zoom call.  He also wishes that people could stop wearing masks (it is nice to see a person’s entire face).  The other things he wished to see were less hand sanitizer and making it easier to travel by trains and airplanes.  I hope his wishes come true.  Our children are as affected by Covid as we are – sometimes we are not as aware how upside-down their world has turned, too.  Let us all make a resolution starting now to not underestimate the younger members of our family, as they are the glue of our existence.  No matter how frustrated you are, put that aside and treat them kindly.  Start to speak of this country’s history and how much we have overcome in the last 246 years.  We have to instill pride and faith in them, because they will be part of the upcoming generations to take on the mantle and be instrumental in the strength and growth of the USA.  As a side bar, Will’s reaction when I interviewed him for the magazine was touching.  I asked him if I could use his remarks in the magazine.  When he and I travel, we always count trucks, and I tell him the truckers read 10-4.  He was excited to be part of 10-4, too.  So, both Will and I wish you a happy New Year!  Here’s to better days ahead, 10-4!!

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