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Danny Brooks, better known as “Bubba” to most, is no stranger to hard work.  But, if his truck, seen on these pages here, is proof of anything, it is that hard work (and great support from family) pays off!  A farmer by trade, Bubba came to trucking like most agrarian professionals – trucks and trucking were ancillary to farming and a necessary skill to possess.

Growing up on a farm, Bubba, of Hillsdale, Illinois, had pretty much done three things over the years – farming, construction, and trucking.  At 65 years of age, 47 of those years have been spent driving, to one degree or another, so Bubba is no newcomer.  His career in trucking has been varied.  Naturally, as a farmer, he had done plenty of farm related trucking, like hauling grain and fertilizer.  But beyond the pastures and windrows, Bubba has also run lowboy, hot-oil rigs, end-dump, and many other construction related trucks, as well.

These days, Bubba is known for those shiny back doors, hauling various refrigerated goods, and can often be seen running I-80 and I-76 between Chicago and Denver, moving cold products that need to be shuttled between the Windy and Mile High Cities.  And those goods travel in style!  Bubba’s dark red 389 Peterbilt seen on these pages is a 2021 model.  But don’t think his ride has flash just because it’s new.  The 2021 is the most recent in a line of shined up rides for Bubba and Bubba’s Trucking.

In April of 2017 Bubba made a change.  Having run mostly local up to that point, he bought a 2005 Peterbilt.  Running hell-for-leather for about eight months straight, he was able to upgrade, eventually running a 2020 Peterbilt 389, hooked to the 2017 Great Dane trailer seen here.  Then, while at I-29 Custom Truck Parts, Danny saw the 2021 Pete 389 sitting there – and he just had to have it.  And, with the temerity and work ethic he has, he went ahead and bought it.

Outfitted with a 565-hp X15 Cummins, the 389 sits on a 312-inch wheelbase.  Behind the Cummins is an 18-speed Eaton turning 3.26 cogs on Peterbilt Low AirLeaf suspension.  With a 5-inch drop-axle on air up front and low-pro 22.5s all around, the truck is long, low, and lean from nose to tail.  Offset with little hole Alcoa wheels, the truck features numerous custom touches like chopped air cleaner lids, a bowtie visor, sleeper shock box cover, beehive lenses, Hogebuilt fenders, and a custom rear light bar and mudflap hangers.  The truck’s stellar interior was done by Dalton and Chris Gebhardt.  Stitched in oxblood, the truck wears a full gauge package, stainless steering wheel, low pro seats, and is always kept clean.

The trailer is a 2017 Great Dane 53×102 closed tandem with a Carrier unit, and it is just as clean as the truck.  Featuring stainless Hogebuilt quarter fenders, polished rails, and stainless flat doors, the trailer is also adorned with a unique stripe.  In the mid-80s, a fellow driver and friend of Bubba’s named Ryan, had this design on his trailer.  Ever since then, Bubba has wanted the design on his trailer, so when Bubba bought the 2017 Great Dane, he had it put on.

Bubba loves his big toys – trucks, motorcycles and the like – but his true love is farming.  When Bubba isn’t in the truck, he enjoys helping his sons, Tony and Brandon, and grandkids, Ian and Ivy, and Chance and Caleb, respectively, with farming.  Most of all, however, he enjoys time with his wife of 44 years, Theresa.  As Bubba put it, “She makes all of this possible.”  As the handler of all things related to compliance, booking, and billing at Bubba’s Trucking, along with supporting Bubba through all the work, there is no question that Theresa is Bubba’s number-one.

Bubba would also like to extend a thank you to all who have helped him through the years, whether it was farming, construction, or trucking.  He would also like to thank Leroy at I-29 Custom Truck Parts for all his help with the 2021, along with his two boys and grandchildren for all their help, love, and support.

Few things in this world replace a staunch work ethic and the rewards you reap from pride and diligence in your profession.  Bubba’s 2021 Peterbilt 389 seen on these pages is evidence of that.  Keep your eyes peeled for Bubba out there.  One thing is for certain – with lots of help and support from his wife, those frozen goods Danny Brooks hauls will get where they need to be and ride in style.  Thanks Theresa!

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