Europa goes for creature comforts with Renault trucks


Aiming to give its drivers more creature comforts, Europa Road has taken delivery of five new trucks.

Specifically, the Dartford-based operator has chosen Range T  6 x 2440 13 L models.

The new trucks are an important addition to the 50-strong fleet.

For example, there is a strategy to renew the whole artic fleet over the next two years.

Therefore, it is an important step in investing in the right models for the fleet.

However, Europa Road’s fleet was shifted to be exclusively Renault some years ago.

Therefore, the latest models were specifically identified as optimum replacements for older vehicles.

Dan Cook, the operations director at Europa Road, explained more.

“Europa has increased its artic fleet to support the desire to undertake more inhouse port haulage.”

He added that this was part of the expansion of the full- and part-load unaccompanied business.

“As a result, it means a change to the traditional Europa UK haulage model, where the day starts and finishes at Dartford.” 

The new model sees an increase in tramping throughout the business.

“For this reason, now more than ever, it is necessary to ensure the most appropriate equipment to reflect comfort and facilities for drivers is provided,” he reasoned.

Meanwhile, the ongoing driver shortage means that driver satisfaction is top of the list for investment considerations.

Therefore, concentrating on creature comforts for the Europa drivers was essential.

The operator has taken small steps to improve the working conditions of its valued driving team.

In other words, Europa Road is doing all it can to retain drivers. 

For example, it has chosen new trucks with high end features in the cab’s design.

A microwave and fridge are just two components onboard. 

In addition, an inverter enables drivers to plug in other home creature comforts without issue.


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