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It’s been two years since the last Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS), and in that time, a lot has happened at Pittsburgh Power.  Max Mileage FBC has come forward leaps and bounds, we took over OPS (Oil Purification Systems) and began manufacturing the units in our shop, and we partnered with DPF Alternatives to give our customers better options for their aftertreatment system care.  We also added some new people, and this was their first time at MATS.  The following are some observations about the show made by our new marketing manager, Jordan Greathouse, along with some additional feedback about copycat products from our GM, Bill Felman.

The MATS show will be marked as my first since taking over the marketing position, and I can honestly say that it was an enjoyable and educational experience.  I was able to put names to faces, but I was also able to expand my horizons as a Pittsburgh Power employee and learn more about in-person customer interactions.  The first day came as somewhat of a shock to me, as we had not even fully set up yet, and customers had already found us and lined up to buy products.

I knew that we were popular, but not much could prepare me for the next couple of days.  Attendees would stand in line for the chance to speak with Bruce and get his advice or take a picture, all while my colleagues and I informed others of our products.  One of the main things that I took away from that day is the show’s ability to allow new and old customers to express concerns or give suggestions on how we can better provide service.  Our OPS Installer option has since been added to our website’s dealer map directly because of this.

The second day was the busiest day of the week, partially because more attendees arrived and partly because our good friend Kevin Rutherford decided to hang out with us at our booth in the West Wing.  Again, the popularity of these men struck me, and it got hard to know who wanted to speak with Kevin and Bruce and who was curious about our products.  Needless to say, the day was very successful, and we were able to spread the word to many new and old customers alike.  We are looking forward to working with Kevin in the near future to expand the Power Hour, a weekly show on Kevin Rutherford’s “Lets Truck” streaming service, to our solo show and spread more trucking knowledge to our followers.

The third day was busy, but not quite as chaotic as the day before, which allowed much of our team time to explore the floor and communicate with other vendors.  In this little excursion, we came across a disturbing realization about our Max Mileage Fuel Borne Catalyst – certain vendors were selling products with a disturbingly similar name to our brand!  We had heard about this product before coming to the show, and we even had some customers buying it by mistake, thinking they were buying a cheaper version of our product, but there is only one Max Mileage Fuel Borne Catalyst.

As our network of dealers and customers using Max Mileage grows, and we continue to get fantastic feedback from customers who are benefiting from using Pittsburgh Power’s Max Mileage Catalyst, we still get the occasional customer who is disappointed because they mistakenly bought another product under a similar name and logo with a green label.  This manufacturer was marketing the same product under a different name for years prior, and then changed it to catch unsuspecting customers looking for our product, so be aware.  This product also makes similar (though completely unbacked) claims about their product, but make no mistake, the product is not a catalyst and does not provide the benefits that Pittsburgh Power’s Max Mileage Fuel Catalyst, or any fuel catalyst, provides.

These competing products are far less expensive to produce, but since they sell at a discount to Max Mileage and other catalysts, consumers think they are getting a good deal.  In reality, they are overpaying for an additive that someone like Lucas or Howes already makes at a lower price.  The bottom line is those additives are not a substitute for Max Mileage and do not solve soot-related emissions problems.  Always be careful when buying anything for yourself or your truck from companies that seek to gain business via unethical or shady means (including parking lot truck tunes), as those habits run deep.  You are most likely not getting what you paid for.

On a final note, this month, I’d like to quickly discuss how to avoid these major highway crashes that keep occurring.  Years ago, all truckers used a CB radio.  Yes, there was a lot of unnecessary noise and chit-chat over the airwaves, but everyone knew if there was an accident ahead or traffic was stopped.  I miss not having a CB in my Dodge Ram pickup to know what is ahead of me when I am traveling, especially during the winter months.  To avoid these multiple vehicle pileups, I think we need to get back to the use of CB radios, even if you keep it squelched down.  When you inform other drivers about problems ahead, millions of dollars’ worth of damage with crashed vehicles can be avoided, unnecessary downtime is averted, and lives are possibly saved.  Seems like a good deal – for everyone.

For the past 45 years, we have been helping owner operators and other diesel-powered truck owners get the most out of their vehicles regarding power and efficiency.  We are here to help you!  To learn more about all the products and services we provide, stop by Pittsburgh Power Inc. in Saxonburg, PA, call (724) 360-4080, or visit us online at today.

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