Living In A Busy World


The word “busy” seems to be everyone’s middle name now.  We are all running around like hamsters in a wheel.  With the events of the present day, we are forgetting about the future – our children.  Are we really spending time with them or just putting an electronic device in their hand, so we do not have to entertain them?  Have you seen the ad with a child in a playpen?  The mother is busy on the cell phone and the father is on another electronic device.  They are both sitting down and in the middle of the room while the young child, all alone, is looking from one person to the other, waiting for some form of attention, and not even being acknowledged.  When you see the ad, it makes one think, do I ignore children in that way?  My pet peeve is watching the parent at a restaurant, handing the little one an electronic device, so they do not have to entertain them.  When the modern family goes out to dinner not one is paying attention to the others.  During special occasions when our family would get together for a meal, we would sit around a table and talk.  Everyone from the oldest to the youngest would engage in conversation.  We would learn many things from the other members of our family.  It was the same way at the dinner table – everyone would get a chance to share their day.  Communication and exchange of ideas was a wonderful way to entertain one another.  Now, most children have cell phones, which are great for emergencies, GPS, and family reminders of events.  Cell phones can be helpful, but electronics are like a two-edged sword, because they also can keep us from communicating with one another.  There is a way to change this: put the cell phones away and use the time for family togetherness.  Pick up a book and enjoy constructive time with each other.  Check over their homework and understand what they are being taught in school.  Be available to help them with problems.  No one is perfect, and we are all tired, but remember, we are investing in the future.  Another project is to find a family movie that is not a cartoon but one with real actors showing human emotions.  Maybe you are not into family movies, but what better way to help the little ones understand about other people’s feelings.  Does it seem like too much to ask?  One day you will look back and you will wish you had made more time with the family.  So, go home and start tonight.  It will just take a short amount of time, but just by giving a little more to your kids, you will probably receive more joy than you can imagine.

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