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With the political recession upon us, it’s imperative that we all extend the life of our equipment through preventative maintenance.  Everything is expensive, so each month we will write about a few items you can do to keep your semi-truck running at its best.  Caterpillar says that a thermostat should be checked every two years.  Think about the thermostat – it has a rather important job to perform.  When the engine is cold, the thermostat stays closed so the coolant does not enter the radiator, which enables the engine to come up to operating temp.  A cold diesel engine does not obtain fuel mileage.

The outer diameter of the thermostat rides in a seal to keep the coolant from bypassing the thermostat.  The seal does wear out, and when it does, it will take longer for the engine to come up to 180 degrees or wherever the engine manufacturer wants the temperature to be.  Keep this in mind, it takes 16 degrees for the thermostat to fully open, so a 180-degree thermostat will be fully open at 196 degrees.  Once the engine is up to operating temperature, the thermostat constantly moves in the seal to try to keep the temperature at the degrees the thermostat is set for.

Another simple but critical item to the cooling system is the radiator cap.  They are designed to keep a predetermined amount of pressure in the cooling system.  When the cap fails and there is no pressure in the system, the coolant does not travel through the engine and heater core as it was designed.  The first thing you should notice if your radiator cap is going bad is no heat coming out of the cab heater.  There are various pressure caps available.  If you purchased your truck new, check the pressure setting on the top of the cap, and stay with that pressure setting.  If your truck is an older one, you may want to check with the truck dealer for the correct pressure radiator cap.

Here at Pittsburgh Power, we strive to impart useful, practical, and accurate information to our customers, be they loyal long-time customers or drivers just starting to hear about us.  Over the years, we have covered pretty much all facets of the diesel industry, be it engines, electronics, gearing, even healthy eating on the road, etc.  Countless hours have been spent collecting this information and a lot of time is spent categorizing and finding ways to get all this information to the reader, listener, or viewer.

With the quantum surge of technology over the last 10 years alone, it has never been easier to get the word out.  Between social media, magazines, radio, and with the upsurge of podcasting, we have dipped our toes into pretty much everything.  With that being said, the potential for cross-marketing between these platforms is a great way to let our customers (and potential customers) know what is going on with Pittsburgh Power and the industry as a whole.  With this in mind, I will take the time to let you know how to access this plethora of multimedia delights and what we do for each platform.

Obviously, the written word in magazines and newspapers is one of our first and most trusted ways of relaying information.  Thanks to great publications like 10-4 Magazine, Movin’ Out, and Largecar Mag, we have been able to inform and educate drivers, new and old alike, for decades.  We have been providing this “Performance Zone” monthly article to 10-4 Magazine since 2002, and you can still read every one of them on their website ( all the way back to 2002!  Check them out when you have some time to fill.  You can still find our articles each month in all these quality publications.

Radio is another great way we communicate ideas and educate members of the trucking community.  Most of our customers know our long-standing and great relationship with Kevin Rutherford.  For years, we were a part of his radio show segment called “The Power Hour” on Sirius XM.  In this weekly show, we would talk about everything from mechanics, diagnostics, business, oil sampling, and more.  Calls were always welcomed, and we would answer them in whatever way we could.  Unfortunately, Kevin is no longer with Sirius XM, but that is not to say that he is off the air.  Quite the contrary.  Kevin is back and, in true fashion, has developed his own application to keep spreading the word through his AudioRoad Network.  Which is a great segway into our next form of communication – podcasting.

Podcasting is not entirely new anymore, but most definitely younger than radio.  Our latest way of reaching out is podcasting.  As previously stated, Kevin now has his own podcast and is growing it bigger and better than before.  You can continue to listen every Wednesday at 11:00 am EST and call into “The Power Hour” to participate.  Not only can you listen to our show, but you can also listen to Kevin on several different segments, ranging from health to politics.  Kevin’s new “Let’s Truck” app can now be found on Apple and Google.  On this app, you can listen to all our older and new material.  Download this app today and check it out!

As social media continues to be a force to be reckoned with, we are no stranger to this media, and have participated in all kinds of online applications.  You can find us on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.  Each one provides the ability to do something a little different.  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are used to convey everything from upcoming deals, the goings on in the shop, and what to look out for when driving, while YouTube is used to educate and inform.  There, you will find dyno videos, quick tips, and installation videos for some of our products.  Looking for something a little more humorous?  Check out our TikTok page, where you will find a little less information and a lot more laughs.

Lastly, of course, our website is still one of the best ways to learn about our products and the best place to buy them, as well.  You can learn about the company, read articles, and find more in-depth information about what we sell and the services we provide.  Feel free to drop by our shop in Saxonburg, PA, call us at (724) 360-4080, or visit us 24/7 at  We look forward to seeing, hearing, and reading your responses on all these platforms.

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